The Business Of Fasting: Insights and Outcomes

Last week Josephine and I presented a breakfast seminar to a range of business owners on The Business Of Fasting: Transforming Health Vitality and Prosperity For You and Your Business.

It was a lively session with plenty of questions and interest from those who attended. For many the conversation continues!

It’s always interesting to hear how others respond and reflect on our seminars and it is even more rewarding when participants share the outcomes and highlight how significant they are for themselves and the people they work with.

One of our participants shared the following observations from the session and has kindly allowed us to reproduce them. Not only does it make great reading, but it highlights the key points that we were seeking to share in our session.

Thanks, again to our hosts, Austbrokers Countrywide.

Summary of the key points from the seminar.

1. To Fast means to hold strong, to strengthen, and should be considered and implemented in a business sense, in order to achieve greater success in your business.

2. Go through the Pain of Change in order to achieve success.

3. Business is based on functions, so you need the harmony of the functions to achieve success, in the same sense as you need a harmonious body.

4. How do you track and monitor the health of your business – track to the end game and avoid getting sidetracked on the little things (maintain the purpose)

5. Maintain the focus on achieving the purpose for clarity of decision making.

6. The function must add value, challenge the function to ensure that it forms an integral part of the end game (purpose for being in business)

7. The foundation of all business are based on trust and accountability – do the functions all trust each other and are they accountable to each other?

8. 80/20 rule

9. Add value and make it less about you and more about them (client / other functions of the business) – consider and examine what do you add as part of the whole.

10. What can you stop doing to add greater value?

11. Does one function need to mentor another to achieve the goal / end game?

12. What is the one thing you can do that will have a profound result?

13. Two key attributes of a business leader – reflect on what has happened and proactively anticipate what will happen

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