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At Bruce Balance we take the time to learn about you and your business to ensure we know and understand what you are doing and why you are doing it.

Bruce Balance also works with executives and their teams to clarify purpose, vision and mission for themselves and their organisation.

All programs are unique, innovative and experiential and start with the end in mind. They can be tailored to combine a mixture of facilitator-led activities, self-reflection, observation and group discussion.

We emphasise collaboration and creativity in our ways of working. In doing so we draw on and utilise a unique blend of tools including appreciative inquiry, narrative techniques, deep listening and interrelationship mapping. These enable us to take a fully integrated approach encompassing all aspects of the individuals, the teams and the organisations with which we work.

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Pathways To Success, Avenues To Revenue and Navigating To Outcomes

Examples of Bruce Balance Professional Programs:

Public Events and Workshops for Individuals

Events, Workshops and Seminars for Organisation

Results and Outcomes

Balance is harmony.  As a result of working with Bruce Balance, individuals can expect to activate their natural leadership style so that they lead enthusiastic and collaborative teams who have a clear direction, common focus and a burning desire for their organisation to pioneer revolutionary change through an inspirational vision.

Measuring our Results

What sets Bruce Balance apart?

Bruce Balance commits to excellence.

Our standard procedure is to follow up and also follow through with our clients.  We establish a Return on Expectations (RoE) and provide feedback on any implemented solutions.

Additionally, we recognise the importance of accurately measuring the true impact on the business of any initiative, no matter how large or small. To accurately measure how successful an event, training program, project implementation or strategic initiative has been, we invite you to try the Balanced Case Method.

Want to know more about the Balanced Case Method and how your organisation could benefit from this valuable tool?

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