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    Pathways to Success

    Expand your horizons. Learn how to recognise the many opportunities that already exist in and around you.

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    Avenues to Revenue

    Improve your bottom-line. Discover cost effective ways to naturally lead your organisation, uncover hidden talent and maximise your business potential.

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    Results & Outcomes

    Navigating to Outcomes

    Gain clarity of your expected outcomes. Clearly define the results you are seeking.

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Latest Post

  • Managing Meeting Madness

    Meetings. We can’t avoid them. They soak up most of our day, yet too often they’re not effective.

    Some of us spend our day managing meeting madness; attending one unproductive meeting after the other.

    But it doesn’t need to be this way.


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The Bruce Balance Difference

Bruce Balance is a specialist consultancy working closely with executives and their teams to define, develop and execute enterprise-wide learning & development strategies. A key focus of these strategies includes organisational transformation programs, employee engagement initiatives and professional acumen activities.

Essentially we assist organisations activate their leadership: leadership in employee empowerment; leadership in organisational effectiveness and leadership in strategic alignment

A combination of versatility, adaptability and flexibility is applied in a broad range of performance enhancement engagements including:

  • Strategic / needs analysis consulting
  • Design and development of organisational and employee learning solutions
  • Facilitation of leadership programs
  • Coaching & mentoring executives and senior professionals
  • Evaluation & assessment of outcomes against organisational and personal expectations.


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